In Hong Kong, the slogan of Jackeline Beauty Salon “With Jackeline,
No Acnes!” has been widely recognized. The success behind the
brand, being the leading brand in acne treatment field, reflects the
inspiration, vision, profession and distinct entrepreneurial spirit
of the founder and leader of Jackeline Beauty Salon, Dr Yang Xiao
Ling, also well known as Jackeline Yang.
Inquisitive when young, Dr Yang grew up developing a keen
interest in skincare and health keeping. Living with her
grandmother, an elegant and smart woman who was talented
in skincare, with a belief in traditional Chinese philosophy of
wellbeing and natural beauty, Dr Yang has accumulated rich
knowledge and experiences on skincare in a healthful way, which
combines healthy diet, traditional Chinese herbs, Chinese soup
for cultivation and natural skincare ingredients that help boost the
wellness as well as the skin, making the skin shine from within.
With an unswerving pursuit for beauty and health, Dr Yang gave
up her career as a Child Care teacher and began to explore her
beauty world by choosing beauty industry as her career, starting
up as a beauty trainee. By virtue of her experiences in skincare,
she soon became a skilled beauty therapist and consultant. During
that period, she found that many people were annoyed by acne
problems and became depressed. With a helpful heart, she had a
strong willing that she should help them solve the acne problems.
Dr Yang decided to specialize in acne treatment field and to
become an expert in acne treatment.
Dr Yang built up her beauty business in 1985, by establishing the
company “Jackeline Beauty Salon”, a beauty center that specialized
on acne healing. “Profession: Our Promise; Beauty: Our Mission”
is the motto of the company, and with a concept that combines
beauty and health, Dr Yang, leading her professional staff team,
have helped more than tens of thousands of peoples get rid of acne
problems and regain confidence and wellness.
Dr Yang believes that distinct and correct market orientation is
the key to the success, “Targeting in acne field and incorporating
health and wellbeing concept into our treatment is our main
market position. Differently from traditional beauty industry,
which covers a wide range of beauty treatments and mainly
focuses purely on the skincare, we specialized in acne treatment,
and solve acne problem in a healthful and holistic way. We also
promote a healthful living by helping our clients build up good
dietary habits, correct sleeping schedule and ways of pressure
relief. Additionally, we provide healthy Chinese soups to our
clients, which can enhance and improve their body and wellbeing.
By combing the skincare and wellness boosting, the acne problems
can be really solved.” With its one-of-a-kind marketing position,
the brand stands out among the fierce and competitive industry.
Dr Yang is also dedicated to improving service quality and
customer satisfaction. She founded “Jackeline Beauty College”,
and established a standardized training system, which greatly
improved the quality of service, building up professional and
high-standard staff team. Dr Yang engages in the training herself,
teaching the staff unreservedly all of her skills and experiences in
acne treatment as well as health keeping. The company has been
for consecutively nine years certified with ISO in Acne Treatment
and Skincare category.
The company has also been prized numerously for its outstanding
performance, including honors of “Innovative Entrepreneur
Award Hong Kong” by JCI City, “The Most Popular Acne
Treatment Brand” by TVB magazine”, “The Best SME’s Award of
Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business”,
“The Excellent Award in Hong Kong Beauty Industry” and so on,
highly recognized by the industry and the society. Dr Yang was
also invited to a popular talk show program All Things Girl by
TVB to share her experiences on acne treatment and skincare.
Starting up as a small-scale beauty center, Jackeline Beauty Salon
has developed into a sophisticated and widely-known brand. But
during her 30 years of business running, Dr Yang had been faced
with tough times and uncertainties in her life. As a pioneering
person who chose acne treatment as her career, Dr Yang could not
learn from experiences when she faced obstacles during her work.
“There are no systematic and authoritative supportive references,
both theoretically and practically.” With firm belief, strong selfesteem
and insistence, Dr Yang furthered her studies, by taking
courses of Traditional Chinese Medicines, Medical Beauty, and
studied Chinese philosophy of wellbeing, Chinese food therapy
for health cultivation and healthy diet theory, which provide
her useful theoretical support to solve the difficulties in acne
treatment. Thanks to her efforts and hardwork, she accumulated
comprehensive practical experiences, together with many years
of solid study in acne treatment, finally creating her own unique
acne treatment theory, “Jackeline Acne Treatment Theory”, which
is a new page to the acne healing field.
Overcoming difficulties in skills is only her first step to success,
many more obstacles and challenges were yet to come. During the
Asian financial crisis Dr Yang’s emerging company was suddenly
faced with a tough situation. With her tough character and
courage, she decided to take on the risk. She kept self-motivated
and reminded herself of keeping a calm and clear mindset to defeat
the “battle”. She also adopted positive and flexible strategies to deal
with the ever-changing market, including shift work schedules
and flexible business hours to maximize the cost and cater to the
need of clients, seeking every opportunity to attract clients. She
ahired skilled employees in the industry to further enhance the
quality of the team. And she made use of the mass media such as
newspaper for promotion to keep the brand’s regular exposure.
With the active and correct strategies, the company finally got
through the hard times.
Another big challenge was the outbreak of SARS epidemic in 2013
when she was in full passion to expand her business, opening
another two new branches. To cater to the need for staying
healthy during the epidemic, she then launched a new market
strategy to provide Chinese healthy soup for cultivation to clients,
to help nourish their skin whilst strengthening their wellness.
The strategy turned out to be a great success helped the company
achieve growth of turnover during the SARS epidemic period and
gained positive market response.
The courage to take risks, positivity and an active mindset, a tough
character as well as a smart market sense are core values that have
contributed to Dr Yang’s success.
Dr Yang is passionate in contributing to the society. She founded
the Ching Chung Action Foundation in 2006 and launched the
Health Promotion for Teenagers program, helping the youth to
build up a healthy lifestyle and positive life attitude. The program
offers free acne healing service for teenagers in low-income family
and other services for youth. Dr Yang also promotes a healthy
living style among schools and communities and had been invited
to host more than 577 talks for more than 130,000 people. The
company received numerous honors, including Caring Company
by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for nine consecutive
years, the Merit award in the Best Corporate Volunteer Service
Project Competition by Social Welfare Department, and Dr
Yang received the honor of China Charity People, as well as Gold
Award for Volunteer Service by Social Welfare Department for six
consecutive years and many more.
Dr Yang is also keen on public services and community activities.
Her current titles include President of Ching Chung Action
Foundation, Vice President of The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent
Society, Kowloon, President of Presidents’ Club, Hong Kong St.
John Ambulance Brigade and Chief Supervisor (Ag.) of Hong
Kong Road Safety Patrol, and many more. For her, indulging in
public services and social affairs is another meaningful way for
her to fulfill her passion.